Construction Bugère inc.

Customer satisfaction

We will gladly provide you with letters of reference for projects similar to yours. If you would like to visit one of our achievements, let us take care of organizing everything for you.

Our experts will prepare your plans and specifications according to your requirements. Thanks to our reputation, and when the situation requires that we do so, we can easily and quickly recruit the necessary professionals to create a multidisciplinary team. That is why our proposals are always clearer and more complete.

Over the years, we have become one of the jewels of entrepreneurship in Saint-Hyacinthe, the agri-food technocity of Quebec. We are therefore familiar with the construction techniques that exist in this area and our expertise allows us to go beyond the requirements of Agriculture Canada in regard to agri-food establishments.

In the construction field, both public and semipublic, competition is very strong. To stand above, we have developed ways to control costs and construction schedules that put us in a separate category.

Our expertise, the wide range of our services, and the satisfaction of our clients attest to our ability to carry out all construction or renovation projects...including yours!